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With a suite of services like roadside and vehicle assistance, people safety programmes, property and business assistance and many more, we are committed to offer round the clock support to your business.

Our team of world-class first responders offer effective oversight of any unexpected situation and manage the whole process of your business. When your business is in need, we will be the first to arrive.

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Stay connected, get real-time updates, and data directly relating to your business.

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Accidents don’t work on a 9-5 schedule, so neither do we. Night and day we will take your call.

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More than providing a service. When you join us, we become an extension of your team.


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At the heart of our offering is a suite of centralised services that are fully customisable and designed to manage incidents efficiently. We pride ourselves on being the most specialised operations team in the New Zealand market.
We ensure the safety of our customers with a resolution that allows for minimal interruption to people, property, and business. Combining almost 50 years of experience and expertise we have faced almost every possible scenario and we manage every situation with diligence and care.
Over the years I have found the relationship with both First Rescue and my direct contacts to be very good and as a rule, there are no hidden surprises and we receive value for money as well as professional service.


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Our team of professionals review your business’ current safety procedures and identify the threats. Our expertise in compliance and risk assessment amend the threats, ensuring proper safeguards for your employees.

In accordance the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA), a compliant fleet is one where all vehicles are fit-for-purpose and have fully operational safety features. Your drivers are certified in handling their vehicles, aware of your company’s driving policies and have a valid license. Every journey is well planned and focused on driver safety, stops, working hours and other similar conditions. Lastly, there is a well laid out document highlighting the rules on your vehicles, drivers, and general operations are managed.

Fleet drivers present a huge legal risk to your business. Causing an accident while driving a company provided vehicle as well as any other action of your driver even without the fleet vehicle, will hold liable. Also, even after checking your drivers records and determining that the employee presents a risk, will still be held accountable for their actions.

An online driver course is available 24/7 which allows your drivers to access materials and resources anytime, anywhere. It also gives them the luxury to complete the course at a pace that’s natural and comfortable to them. Often cheaper than in-person classes, an online drivers’ programme is great at honing essential driving safety skills like awareness of traffic laws, responsible driving behaviour and understanding the meanings of road signs.

Digitised fleet management processes streamline and simplify your work. It makes your fleets tracking, scheduling, communication, behavioural monitoring, and record-keeping procedures more reliable. Digital systems help run the safest, most cost-efficient fleet possible — in and out.

Roadside Assistance

First Rescue is a nationwide centralized operations and management service. We give your business the security, reassurance, and confidence that your drivers, vehicles, and properties are safeguarded. When there is a risk to your business, we step up for you.

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